Group Coaching

Group Coaching: Leadership the Engagement Factor

Group Coaching targets team leaders to drive engagement at the team level. Consider this:

  • Poor leadership cost the US 450 Billion dollars annually.
  • Employees with lower engagement are 4 times more likely to quit
  • Disengaged managers are 3 times more likely to have disengaged employees
  • 35% of employees said they take a pay cut to see their managers fired

Why is Group Coaching an effective way to impact employee engagement?

The relationship habits that drive employee engagement are hard wired habits that take time and continuous practice to change. Group Coaching provides a year-long process that encourages specific actions back on the team.

What is included in Group Coaching?

GroupCoachingFlyer GroupCoachingFlyer

  • Sponsor Orientation
  • 9 Group Coaching Sessions over the course of one year
  • 42 Rules of Engagement book customization 42Rules_Sponsor_flyer
  • Access to 4 book huddles and discussion guides GettingToResolutionDiscussionGuide
  • Monthly application team projects and assignments Rule14
  • Monthly accountability check
  • Learning Contracts
  • Threaded private discussion board for community of practice
  • Access to our Team Check-up CheckItems
  • Self assessment with our Team Leader Check-up

4 Sample rules from 42 Rules of Employee Engagement: 42 Rules of Employee Engagement (2nd Edition)

Enroll your team leaders into Group Coaching today:

Want to evaluate Group Coaching for your organization? Stay tuned for Group Coaching Demos that will be available in 2014. You can register 2 of your managers for the demo evaluation series.  They will have access to some of the tools used in the process. They can help you evaluate Group Coaching’s potential to increase engagement on their teams.