Everything DiSC Topics

The Everything DiSC sessions Рextra caffeinated:

These sessions help managers and leaders explore their behavioral style. The discover how it impacts the role of manager or leader and learn strategies to be successful with the different kinds of team members with which they work. We enhance theses great sessions further when we deliver them in a Team Leader Cafe format. The Cafe offers all the amenities:

  • Classroom, Online or Blended learning experience
  • Baseline assessment and Level Three Training evaluation
  • Learning Contract
  • Skill Drills (for the learner)
  • Coaching Tips (for the sponsor)
  • Community of Practice (Facilitated discussion board)

Explore the sessions we can deliver via the Cafe:

  1. Everything DiSC Workplace (for the entire team)
  2. Everything DiSC Management
  3. Work of Leaders